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released November 10, 2015

Engineered by Michael Kunz at Dry Birth Records, New Orleans, LA, Autumn 2015



all rights reserved


Hot Tooth New Orleans, Louisiana

We're like Hole if Courtney Love knew how to read.

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Track Name: 69 Bars
I've been working all day long
I've been breaking my back
To feed your greed and pay your rent
I've been working all day long

I say my prayers to passing trains
I set out burning candles for the saints
Old Crow, won't you teach me how to fly
So I can ride them rails in the pale moonlight

You got yourself a whore
You broke me down, deceive and mistreat me
Make me bow, make me smile
You got yourself a whore

I can't be your woman no more
I can't be no cupcake baking, shit taking, baby making
I can't be your woman no more
Track Name: The Eight-Legged Waltz
The summer days are ending
And the sky overhead is turning red
So I sit down beside my old campfire
Cause it's been a long hard day, and I'm tired

I like living in the place where spiders make their webs
As roommates go they don't bother me much
Sometimes I catch them swaying in time while I sing
They taught me the eight legged waltz

The night brings clouds of chimney soot grey
I can't do nothing, so I sit and I pray
For the sun how I miss her, and I long to be with her
The endless rain's the only reason I pray

The endless rain's the only reason I pray
The only reason I pray at all

I've been trying to read the signs in the number of crows that pass by
Throwing feathers in the wind, but they're always blowing west
I've been trying to find the time to learn the art of reading minds
But I found to speak your mind works best

I hear the wind as it whispers through the trees
It's the same every year with the falling of the leaves
But the sound is so faint I can't trust my ears
My bones are so weary I can't trust my years

Coming apart at the seams, can't wake from my dreams
But the recluse whispers sweetly in my ear
Let him sit on my cheek, drink my tears he likes the salt
While I play him the eight legged waltz

I'm going insane it's the only reason I pray
The endless rain's the only reason I pray
This winterus cage is the only reason I pray
The only reason I pray at all
Track Name: Slut Rage
Didn't your momma ever teach you how to howl
Did she just teach you how to beg and how to growl
What do you know, you ain't got no home
Going to dig your bed in the fallen snow

To my surprise, you've grown old
Your fire grew dim and your hearth grew cold
When that temper snapped, you'd give me quite a scare
With that backhand and that hot-iron stare

Well I know you really love and care about me
When you tell me that you'll kill me if I leave
But I swore to god that my little girl never'd see
That scared black and blue side of me
Track Name: Strait of Georgia
Well it looks like I've got myself stuck
Just like those docks I saw out on the georgia strait
Though they seem to move just a little more than me
The high tide comes in about twice a day

I feel just like that stuffed crow you put up on your shelf
My glass eyes are watchful but my feet aren't fit to step
My legs are sore from stillness and my back has gone stiff
You caught me in mid-flight with my wings outstretched

I want you to anchor me just like those docks on the bay
At least then when I couldn't move I'd have someone to blame
Though I suppose those waves can move just a little bit of sand
And in a hundred years or so, I'll wash up on your land